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Welcome to WebbServerMC

Server Rules

  • No Griefing Griefing is not allowed in any form. This includes building Nazi Symbols which are not being used as part of a historical part of a build, and building genitalia. Breaking this rule will Result in a Ban. Looting other players chests outside of Factions Raid is considered Griefing.
  • No Racism/Bullying Be respectful to Staff and Other Players. Depending on the Severity of the offense you can get a Ban. Most cases will result in either Mute, Jail, or Ban.
  • No Hacks Client Side mods (fly hacks, speed hacks, pvp kill aura hacks, xray [including xray resource packs], etc) that give you an unfair advantage are forbidden and will result in a Global Ban. Acceptable Client mods are minimaps (as long as they dont serve a xray function) and schematic mods (ones that post a ghost of a schematic to act as blueprints for a build). Causing Server Downtime (aka DDoS) will result in Legal action taken against you.
  • No Swearing If you are caught swearing it will result in a mute. Repeated offences will result in a Ban
  • Have Fun Last but not Least HAVE FUN. Enjoy your time at WebbServerMC.